Canvas painted with Memories
5th - 7th Oct 2k'18


  It is a name which needs no introduction up here in the hills, it is the reason why most of northern India awaits the month of October, it is the name whose mention alone excites the listener to his core. Hill'ffair is the soul of NIT Hamirpur. A soul that is vibrant, contagious and exuberant. Hill’ffair is around the corner once again!!!

      And needless to say, it promises to be more extravagant this year than ever before. In the age where fests are in a perennial quest to provide all who bear witness an unforgettable and worth - cherishing experience, Hill’ffair has become synonymous with exhilarating joy and excitement that knows no bounds.

Halcyon Hues

Canvas Painted with Memories

In the midst of all the chaos and commotion we have almost forgotten the golden period of our childhood. It is encapsulated forever in our memories. So why not travel down the memory lane to those beautiful times. This Hill'ffair, with the theme *Halcyon Hues* we take on a journey to reminisciate some of the most ineradicable moments we have lived!

Yes it's all in the past...but what if we could somehow relive it. Let's bring those innocent, vivacious and felicitous times back into our present. Let's come together to celebrate the momentousness of the halcyon hues and make it another memory to last a lifetime !








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