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A class of its own with extremely moving dialogues and a showcase of versatile emotions in acting.
A roller coaster of emotions and music set to take your heart on a ride through a magical world of intense drama.
A unique theatrical act depicted without words through exaggerated gestures,expressions,movements and high energy.
A full-on-masala madness,served with joy and eaten with laughter.
Punk the Plot
“An Indian girl spends multiple nights with three men in a foreign land.” Confused right? Well, here is a hint. This is a hit movie by Kangana Ranaut. Think again! “Queen” Don’t kill us for ruining a good movie but what if we were to award you for doing the same? English Club is back with an event, “Punk the Plot” , where you have to describe a movie plot really badly.
Love Confessions
‘Spice’ up your college life by expressing your love through captivating words. Let’s take a break from this modernised world and drop down to our roots of writing letters. Get a chance to get close to him/her who might as well turn out to be the one you have been waiting for. Jot down what your heart screams and it will be our duty to get that letter across to the other person. Anonymous letters are also welcome.
English Club is back with the annual event, “Bazzinga”. Don’t miss out on the exciting quiz on the most famous T.V shows and movies with a vintage touch this time on Hill’ffair. Paired with a partner, get ready to test your memory and get a chance to win exciting prizes.
In the era of witty and sarcastic comments, come up with the most eye-capturing comment for a given illustration and get a chance to win hearts .You would be judged on your creativity and innovation(also prizes!).
Revive your roots with this year’s edition of Pastels! Capture your nostalgia of India in any form of artwork. Be it images of old India, images showing our rich heritage or any beautiful memory of your childhood, even your favourite Indian cartoon character...We accept everything.
Gamble 7
“What is life if not a gamble?” Rediscover your “Rich” Indian roots this hill’ffair with this enthralling event. Get a chance to earn a fortune with the roll of a die. Come down to the stall and bet on any of the three given options for a mere sum of 10-100, leave the rest to your luck and who knows when it may turn to a thousand!
High Stakes, high rewards. Bringing the coolest casino game to Hillffair 2017. Bet on a number and try your luck, this time on Russian Roulette! Details and rules to follow soon.
Going back to the roots and also seeing the fruit it bore, let's compare the common parents/children confrontations then and now. Was their time better or is ours? Find out in English Club's skit!
Heads Up
A spinoff on the same old dumb charades, having a time limit and also other interesting options besides movies. Details and rules following soon. Come and play in pairs, Heads up!
Tug Of War
Show your supremacy in physical strength by pulling the rope to your side. Yes, this interesting combination we are talking about is “The Tug of War”. C'mon join your power to create more tension than any physics question you calculated in!!
Treasure Hunt
Not all treasure is gold and silver, some are thrift venture and they are called “Treasure Hunt”. Push your skills to keep the Sherlock inside you alive! Fill your day with mystery and little spook, all you need to do is unravel the clues and find the treasure. See you all at the Treasure Hunt.
Calling out all students out there who got hidden athlete in them! IN4MALS introduces you skipping rope challenge, a competition featuring speed, balance between your hand and jump, and time limit that influence you to jump as fast as you can. C’mon, join your power to make your move towards the prize.
Lucky 7
Luck has a way of evaporating when you lean on it. Do you have the calibre to use your luck before it pass away, then grab this opportunity to showcase your luck and let your winning skill amaze us. Roll the die and let the number appearing in them fill your pockets.
Egg Throw
Come in a pair and solve your internal rivalry by throwing eggs at each other.
Human Tic Tac Toe
We all scribbled Tic Tac Toe during our boring lectures. Get the thrill of this game by moving humans than scribbling X and 0.Come in a team of 5 and plot your players to win the game.
Hit the luck
A throw on the right target can load you with money! Grab the ball, hit those glasses and grab the free rose beneath that lucky glass. See you at “hit the luck”.